Nature’s Produce

About This Project

Nature’s Produce is one of the industry leaders in the food sourcing, storage and distribution market, but they struggled with their digital image and web presence. This day and age, a digital identity and appearance is extremely valuable in creating new leads, sales, and a piece of mind from current clients. Because of this, we suggested and executed a complete digital overhaul of the brand.


Our first step was to clean up and presenting Nature’s Produce as an industry leader. They suffered from a bad reputation, where vocal individuales slandered the business and posted their grievances on many websites. We immediately created a combat strategy that addressed some of the issues at hand, and provided a new outlook to the negativity. We combined this with an SEO strategy, allowing us to halt the negativity from spreading and making it less relevant within the industry. We also seeded positive press / material into the ecosystem which further filtered the streams. By the end of PHASE ONE, MBM was able to halt the negativity, and in some cases even remove it from the web entirely.


With Nature’s Produce reputation restored, we moved onto PHASE TWO: a complete rebuild and redesign of This process included wireframing of the complete site, creative, copywriting, brand bio and style guides, reorganization of site UX, photography, video production, VFX, site development, QA, and SEO. We also built out an encyclopedia that features all the items that company offers, written descriptions about the product, species, varietnes, and photographs.


We continue to work with Nature’s Produce on the digital front, serving and managing the website, producing industry related posts, drop press releases around company announcements, and offer ways to further their reach within digital through viral media.

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Nature's Produce