With a team balanced around deep research and concept development, Media Bridge Marketing sits at a forefront to develop social marketing and digital activation campaigns that appeal to fans, not just customers, to build not only financial but emotional investment in major brands and franchises.

Social Media

Content, copy, management, social auditing, listening, outreach, and analytics, Franchise and campaign strategy. Trend research & forecasting.


Digital banners, UI design, video production, VFX, applications, illustrations, print material.


UX, UI, database management, API integration, hosting, CMS development.

Social Media

When it comes to managing a major brand or franchise’s social media presence, we focus on a holistic approach covering all areas of management: researching, scheduling, asset and copy creation, implementation, and analytics.


Beyond launch strategies, we also know how to grow and redevelop a page from what’s been there before, learning from previous successes to create new, unique, and engaging content for fans new and old.


    • Campaign strategic guidance
    • Content creation
    • Copy writting
    • Social management
    • Auditing and competitive breakdown
    • Listening
    • Outreach
    • Analytics
    • Trend research & forecasting


Our team aren’t just strategists and analytics people, we’re creatives with the skills and know-how to develop engagement-driving photo and video content, along with social assets and copy that feel in-world and authentic to franchise fans and brand enthusiasts.


Not just a mix of social and digital content creation know-how, we also have the expertise to build out online banners, mobile creative, and eye-catching graphics.

      • Social assets
      • Takeovers
      • Progressive
      • Rich Mobile
      • Custom Functionality and Production
      • Dynamic Coding
      • Video editing / motion graphics


We’re a team with plenty of experience with website and microsite builds, app development and launches, HTML5 and other coding, and more under our belt..


Our team doesn’t just take on digital builds, we make sure they’re built right – from wireframe to going live. We can deliver a variety of design development options (mobile included, of course), capable server solutions, and test across a range of devices and operating systems.


    • UX/UI Design & Strategic Guidance
    • Front End / Back-end
    • CMS Creation
    • iOS/Android App Development
    • HTML5
    • 3D, Video, Motion Graphics
    • Mobile & Responsive Builds
    • Social API’s
    • Analytics & Tracking

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