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About This Project

DreamWorks came to us with the challenge of how to showcase specific titles and compilations available to individual global broadcasters. The biggest hurdle was, each broadcaster had a different set of films available to them and DreamWorks wanted to present a personalized experience for each. They wanted to show only the film available in that region.


We came up with a solution to create a database driven website where a users login determines the content served, which allowed us to eliminate certain titles for specific individuals.


We also presented additional assets that were attached to the title to further incentive sales. IE: created web app games, social assets, stills, additional marketing videos, etc.



  • Tiered logins system based on user requirements.
  • Titles and compilations dynamically load, based on user credentials.
  • Development of custom Ruby on Rails CMS system to easily add, remove and store data.
  • Included global sales numbers for films.
  • Complete creative design of the entire site.
  • Full management and ongoing hosting
Mobile, Television, Web